Women deserve better than abortion

Women deserve better than abortion
Glasgow, 17th March 2008 – British Victims of Abortion (BVA) today commended the draft position statement from the Royal College of Psychiatrists confirming that women may be at risk of developing mental problems as a result of having an abortion. They also welcome the recommendation for a review of the mental health risks associated with abortion.

Margaret Cuthill, national co-ordinator of BVA, commented: “This latest evidence-based research confirms what post-abortion counsellors have been saying for years.

“Without exception, all the clients I”ve counselled over 20 years say they were given no indication of how they might be affected by physical, emotional, and psychological problems after abortion. These traumas dramatically affect the quality of their lives after the initial period of relief, which generally follows abortion, passes.

“BVA provides literature and advice to address the present imbalance in the information being given to women, and welcome the College”s suggestion that more is needed at the first point of contact.

“Numbers contacting BVA for help are increasing, and more needs to be done because the blanket approach of abortion being the only solution to crisis pregnancy does not address women”s needs.

“Women deserve better than abortion.”

BVA is a post abortion helpline and counselling service, providing free help and support to women in crisis pregnancies or suffering Post Abortion Trauma.

More information on BVA can be found at www.bvafoundation.org

Kelda: http://www.spuc.org.uk/news/releases/2008/march17

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