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Føroya Pro Vita is the only pro-life organization on the Faroe Islands. Since its inception in 1992, the organization has provided information on the dignity and rights of the unborn child, abortion and the consequences of abortion (post-abortion trauma). The organization also provides advice and help for women and families considering abortion as the only or best solution to a crisis pregnancy.

Throughout the years, conferences and theme days have been organized regularly around the islands on various themes by prominent speakers engaged in pro-life and post-abortion issues. The organization also provides information for school groups and other interested parties, eg. church groups, media outlets and others who wish to acquire greater knowledge regarding the unborn child. Since 2010, the organization actively supports Rachel´s Vineyard Føroyar in providing information about and organizing weekends for women and men suffering from post-abortion trauma.

Føroya Pro Vita holds that human life is God given and begins with fertilization (conception). It should not be permissable to end the life of an unborn human just as it is not permissable to end the life of a born human. Scientifically speaking, there is nothing to prove that a new human life does not begin with fertilization – a new human individual´s complete genetic blueprint is present.


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